the rabbits guide to cinema

in bed with zizek.

Sunday, 9th May: My friend A. came for a visit to my house and drew a Penis Swastika on my magic drawing board.

(magic eye with bird)

the fascinating world of left-hand photoshopping.

but an endless love for photoshop

uninspired a go go

Questionnaire (to be kept until 2029)

totally unpolitical art. For Valentine's day.

politische kunst / bubblegum-marshmellow-mosque

obskure Schrankinhalte, #57

crisis management failure / kriese schreibt man nicht mit ie.

yellow squirrel is sad. pink squirrel is just pretending.

attacking babies from behind

happy pillowman

sunday night. looking for a cushion.

from: favourite games on a sunday

f*** you. (composition in red and white)

Life is cruel
(and dolphins are not harmless)

the flying kid (never the right moment)

watching drugdealers in the park opposite my flat hidden under my favourite blanket
(from the series: things to do on sundays– if you are female, single and almost 30.)

Ka's Traumurlaub.

my peak is over

rabbit's cuteness crisis

candy mountain
(from the series "the reason why")
the secret life of Alexandra D. and Mr. Beaver (or: why we are too busy for posting)
I was waiting for a long time to have a Radiohead-quote in a drawing
der platzhalter gewinnt immer
wall eats door
pretending really hard being a librarian from the 50ies / bibliothekarin spielen

fifties/sixties movies
shaking hands
please don't wave. thank you. (3 h 50 min of skype-conversation)
eine grossrechenanlage der firma siemens

things and less important things

Exhibition! sweethippers are exhibiting tonight 25th april in the A4 art space, Gerard-Doustraat 103 in Amsterdam. 6pm - 9 pm.

soldier wedding tetris
left arm must swing forth and back

lecture notes
suicidal mattres

facial expressions in contemporary porn movies
plant watching its owner having a threesome
hands attacking their owner
hands  up (part one)